5 Things to Know About Pore Strips

You Can Make them Yourself

If you're cost conscious, you can create do-it-yourself pore strips. All you need are two main elements: a covering material and an adhesive.

For the material, gauze or thin strips of cloth from an old t-shirt will do. For the adhesive, the substance that will temporarily bind the cloth to your skin, you'll need to get some items out of your refrigerator and kitchen cabinets. A combination of buttermilk, egg whites, gelatin or honey should give you the texture you need. (Just be sure to wash your hands and face after handling raw eggs as they can spread salmonella.)

Place the material in the adhesive, then apply it to your skin. Once it dries (within about 10 to 15 minutes) you can peel it off in a swift motion -- the same way you would a store-bought strip.

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