5 Things to Know About Pore Strips

You Shouldn't Use Them All the Time

If you have concerns about stripping pore debris from your skin, don't. It's perfectly safe. But to ensure your skin remains as healthy as possible, you shouldn't ignore the pore strip manufacturer's instructions on or in the package.

Overdoing pore strip use can make your skin look worse instead of better. Have you ever seen a person's face after a chemical peel? A similar red, irritated look can develop when pore strips are used too often. So, be sure to only apply them as recommended, which is usually about once a week. If you have particularly dry skin, a breakout or you're undergoing a topical acne treatment, you may want to delay using pore strips until your skin issue has been resolved.

You should also be careful where you place the pore strips. The nose is an ideal location for the treatment because that's an area where you have a lot of pores. It's also a tougher part of the face. Cheeks, on the other hand, have more sensitive skin.

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