5 Ways to Care for Your Hands Every Day


Take Care of Your Whole Self

If you want to take care of your hands, start by taking care of the rest of your body.
If you want to take care of your hands, start by taking care of the rest of your body.
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Many of the tips medical professionals offer for skin care amount to tips for general good health. That makes sense. The body is a unit made of many separate, but intertwined parts. The skin and nails on your hands will benefit from a basic, everyday healthful routine.

If you want to keep your hands and fingernails healthy, smooth and young-looking, think about what you eat. Research has found that a diet that has plenty of vitamin C but goes easy on the fats and carbohydrates may help skin look younger [source: Mayo Clinic]. Make sure that you stay well hydrated as well. External conditions -- dry air, harsh soaps and the like -- can cause dry skin. Drinking plenty of water helps your skin retain moisture.

Avoid prolonged exposure to the sun. Use a moisturizer with sunblock or a sunscreen with an SPF of 15 or more on the backs of your hands every day. Avoiding cigarettes also helps: Smoking makes your skin -- including that on your hands -- look older and more wrinkled. It also stains the fingernails.

Stress that isn't managed well can damage skin and nails. If you have problems with rashes or eczema on your hands, stress is likely to cause a flare-up. Stress also can make the nails more brittle. And if you're prone to nail-biting, stress can send you back to your old, bad habit.

Read on for more useful information on skin care.

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