Summer Skin Care Tips

Getting Beautiful Skin Image Gallery The right kind of sunscreen can protect your skin from harmful UV radiation. See more pictures of beautiful skin.

You've finally packed away the last of those bulky winter sweaters and found your favorite T-shirt from last year. As you throw it on and take a look in the mirror, you notice your skin isn't exactly in tip-top summer shape. Your legs are dry and flaky, your arms have a less-than-glowing tone, and a blemish is beginning to form in an oily spot near your nose. But don't worry -- with the right care, your skin can go from sorry to showstopping just in time for summer.

Before you run to the medicine cabinet and grab the closest bottle of lotion in the hopes of magically rubbing up some healthy skin, it's important to know what summer means for you and your skin. Sure, summer brings the added benefit of soaking up some extra sunshine, but for your skin this means exposure to UVA and UVB radiation. When the ultraviolet, or UV, index is high, your skin can burn in as little as 10 to 15 minutes [source: Sun Safety Alliance].

Summer's warm rays also pose another obstacle to good skin care: Whether you're exercising or just relaxing by the pool, you're bound to sweat a bit more. For your skin, extra sweat means that dirt, oils and other environmental chemicals are trapped close to the skin and your pores. Finally, those hot days -- perfect for enjoying a cool drink with family and friends -- turn up the heat on your skin, too. When the skin is warm, blood vessels send extra blood to the skin's surface to cool it off. Extra blood can turn your face red, making the skin swell and retain water while kicking oil production into high gear.

So, although summertime might try to throw you and your skin a curveball, with a few simple solutions you can hit a skin care home run and have everyone applauding your summertime glow. Read on to learn your new daily regimen.