10 Daily Skin Care Essentials



We'll kick it off with the basics: Cleansers are your friends. This probably doesn't come as a big shock to anyone, but one of the simplest strategies for making sure your skin has a healthy glow is to wash it. Different skin types need different cleansers, so as with many skin-care products, look for one tailored to your specific needs.

Facing shelf after shelf of cleansers at the grocery store can be daunting, but here are a few quick tips. Fragrances and dyes can irritate some people's skin, so you may want to avoid those if you aren't sure yours can handle it. Mild and gentle is also a good route to go -- it may feel satisfying to put your face through a super-scrub session, but an ordeal like that usually harms more than it helps. Skin doesn't need to feel tight and dry to be considered clean. In fact, that usually means you've stripped away important layers of natural oils or left some soapy residue behind. So cut your skin some slack and it'll thank you for it later.