5 Common Skin Care Mistakes


Your skin does some pretty amazing things. On a hot summer day, for instance, it can produce as much as three gallons of sweat to help regulate your body temperature. To keep itself healthy, your skin is constantly producing new skin cells and discarding old ones at a rate of 50,000 cells a minute [source: Markey]. Additionally, skin protects your organs, acts as a defense against germs and is the conduit for your sense of touch. Yet despite its importance, many people don't spend much time taking care of their skin. Perhaps that explains why tens of millions of Americans experience dry skin every year [source: Everyday Health]. Worse still, another million people get some form of skin cancer [source: American Cancer Society].

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The great irony of America's skin woes is that proper skin care takes only a few minutes of the day. Your skin will not only look better for the effort, it will feel better as well. Of course, sometimes knowing what not to do is as important as taking the right course of action, and this is certainly true of skin care. In this article, we'll take a look at five of the most common skin care mistakes, each one a little worse for your skin than the one before. Granted, the first mistake on our list mostly applies to women and the members of KISS, but that doesn't make it any less damaging.