Top 5 Tips for Choosing a Daily Facial Moisturizer


Know Your Skin Type

Before you buy face lotion, understand your skin type.
Before you buy face lotion, understand your skin type.
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Before you begin searching for a daily facial moisturizer, you need to know a little bit about your skin. For instance, during the day, does your face tend to stay dry, or does it develop a greasy sheen? Do you have any fine lines or an uneven skin tone? The answers to these questions help determine your unique skin type.

Dermatologists have designated 16 different skin types, based on the following four categories:

  • Dry or oily
  • Pigmented or nonpigmented
  • Wrinkled or tight
  • Sensitive or resistant

Knowing which skin type you fall into makes it much easier to pick the right daily facial moisturizer. Often, skin care companies will label their face lotions with the corresponding skin type. For normal skin, you'll want to choose a non-greasy, water-based variety with silicone-derived ingredients; heavier oil-based products with mineral oil and glycerin better suit drier skin that feels dry and taut after washing [source: Dermatology Nursing].