5 DIY Beauty Tips Using Vinegar

Hair Care

If you want lovely, dandruff-free locks, try massaging vinegar into your scalp several times a week before shampooing. This will help to control the dry, itchy skin on your scalp that causes a flake fiasco. Apple cider vinegar also makes a great moisturizing tool for your mane. The pH level is similar to that of most conditioners, but it's easier on your wallet. Mix together three eggs, two tablespoons olive oil or safflower oil, and one-teaspoon vinegar to make a natural deep conditioner. Apply the solution to your hair and cover with plastic cap for a half hour. After these steps, shampoo hair as usual.

As you've seen, vinegar can be just as effective as high-priced beauty products. The next time you want to pamper yourself, look in your cabinet.