Making Your Own Hair Gel is So Easy

Yamada Taro/Getty Images
Yamada Taro/Getty Images

Hair gel can be a good thing. My hair is fine and straight, so I rarely need it. Some of my closest friends, however, were born with gorgeous thick curls that definitely are more manageable when under the influence of hair gel.

But I kind of have a problem with hair gel. It comes in plastic containers that are difficult to clean out for recycling. Also, the companies manufacturing hair gel tend to put a bunch of unnecessary chemicals in hair gel. Yuck.


If you're a fan of hair gel but would like to be a little greener about it, I have a suggestions: Make your own hair gel. It's so easy.

Make Your Own Hair Gel:

1. All you need to do is find unflavored gelatin*. My grocery store sells it, yours may, too.

2. Mix about one teaspoon of the gelatin with one cup of warm water and refrigerate for a few hours.

3. It works just the same as regular store-bought gel, but it comes with far less eco-irresponsibility.

Try it!

*Editor's Note: Gelatin is manufactured from the hooves, bones and connective tissue of animals.