Flat or frizz? Summer Hair Tips

Put It Up (and Back and to the Side)
When all else fails, pull out a sunhat!
When all else fails, pull out a sunhat!
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So many styles, so little summer time.

We'd all love to go down and natural in our sundresses and sandals, but sometimes it just doesn't work. Summer's bad hair days can be epic. So do something fun, flirty or bold with your unruly tresses. Just a handful of options include:

  • Headband -- Wide is best. Pair it with a bun for interest, or use it to push your loose locks off your face for a slightly tamed, slightly wild look.
  • Ponytail -- High, low or even to the side, these can be chic. If you go with a side pony, keep it loose so you don't channel the '80s, and put down that scrunchy. Try wrapping a lock of hair around a neutral-color hair band, instead.
  • Braid(s) -- These never go out of style. Try a single, long braided ponytail high up, midway down or at the nape, or wrap a braid into a chignon-style bun for something a bit more sophisticated.
  • Half up -- It's a classic if you do it right. Simply pull some hair back off your face and secure it with a hair band, barrette or multiple bobby pins. Keep it soft, and don't worry about a few loose strands. Messy totally works for summer.
  • Bun(s) -- Again, stay aware from severe (it's so winter-time). A messy bun, at the crown, the very back of the head or low on the nape, looks effortless, takes about five seconds, and can be flattering for all hair types.

And when all else fails, remember: There's no shame in covering it up. God invented sun hats and floral-printed headscarves for a reason, and even swimsuit models get the frizz (we think).

For more information on summer style and hair care, look over the links below.

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