5 Ways Your Skin Changes During Adolescence

New Hair in New Places
Where did all of this hair come from?
Where did all of this hair come from?
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Now you have to deal with more hair -- and hair in new places. Most hair growth at puberty is normal. Guys and girls grow pubic hair and hair under their arms. Guys start to grow beards and may grow hair on their chests and backs.

You'll need to decide about shaving. Boys may want to try a beard or mustache. Girls may choose to shave legs and underarms. When guys with acne start to shave, they need to be careful not to aggravate the problem.

Sometimes, hair growth may seem excessive or misplaced. Girls may grow hair on their upper lip or on other facial areas.

Remember that "normal" hair growth varies and may be genetic. People with Mediterranean heritage, for example, may have more hair. But if you think your hair growth is abnormal, talk with a doctor. Excess hair or hair in unwanted places can be a sign of hormone imbalance or other health issues.

There are various ways to remove unwanted hair:

  • Shaving.
  • Bleaching (for facial hair)
  • Depilatories
  • Waxing
  • Electrolysis
  • Laser treatment

That new hair may contribute to the worst change of all. Keep reading.