5 Things to Know About Lactic Acid in Skin Care

Take-home Kits or Visit the Doctor's Office?

If you're one of those people who feels brave enough to try a chemical peel at home you'll find there's a kit for that.

You don't need a visit to your doctor's office to try out lactic acid skin care products. Put down the carton of milk, as there is no milk bath in your future, Cleopatra. But you will find a variety of products in the skin care and beauty aisles of your local store.

There is quite a variety when it comes to do-it-yourself chemical peels and the most important thing to pay attention to while you decide which kit is for you is the peel's strength. Strength varies from kit to kit, and you'll find a range of products containing up to 70 percent lactic acid. This is an instance where stronger is not always better. In fact, it's probably better to leave anything with lactic acid concentrations greater than 10 percent in a doctor's hands [source: WebMD]. Too much lactic acid is never a good thing and may cause irritation and other skin complaints.

Always read the instructions from cover to cover before you begin, and follow them precisely.