How to Treat Sun Blisters on Lips

Home Remedies for Sun Blisters on Lips

After you've taken preliminary steps to ease the pain of sunburn and the sun blisters that come with them, you can try some home remedies designed to help yourself heal. A basic sun blister should heal on its own, but you can hasten the process.

If the blisters are small and unbroken, don't try to pop them. This won't help the healing process and may lead to infection. Although you can drain larger blisters with a clean needle, you shouldn't because the skin around your lips is incredibly sensitive. Do all you can to help keep the blisters and the skin covering them intact, as this will protect the sensitive new skin underneath from infection [source: Nissl].

Cleaning the blisters regularly and applying an antibiotic ointment, like polymixin or bacitracin, will help to prevent infection, which will help them heal properly and quickly [source: Nissl]. Because the blisters are on your lip, you won't be able to cover them with a bandage. This makes cleanliness of utmost importance; your lips will touch many potentially irritating substances throughout the day.

While these home remedies will help you with your blisters, there are other so-called remedies that you shouldn't use; they'll do more harm than good. Avoid petroleum-based products, as well as any lotions that contain benzocaine or lidocaine [source: MedlinePlus].

Sunburns and blisters on your lips are uncomfortable, but they can be treated and often go away on their own. For more information on sun blisters, how to treat them and how to avoid them, examine the links that follow.

Last editorial update on Jul 17, 2018 12:50:29 pm.

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