Top 5 Natural Remedies for Dry Lips


Your Own Sebum (Or Someone Else's)

Get that natural oil wherever you can and use it on your lips. Just be sure your hands are clean first.
Get that natural oil wherever you can and use it on your lips. Just be sure your hands are clean first.

This one may seem a bit gross, but it's arguably the cheapest and most natural method of treating dry lips: your own sebum. Remember back on the first page, where we discussed sebum, a natural oil that both moisturizes and waterproofs your skin and hair? Ultimately, all skin care products looking to replenish and lock in moisture are emulating the sebum found on the skin. So why not go to the source?

Rub your finger beneath your nostrils and along the sides of your nose. The oil you feel there is sebum. Now rub your finger along your lips. You've just rehydrated them.

You'll also likely to find that your lips don't taste very good now. It turns out that there's an added benefit of using sebum as a natural remedy for dry lips: It can train you not to lick them. Of course, before you do apply sebum to your lips, make sure your hands are clean.

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