5 Tips for Battling Cracked Lips

Cracked lips are no laughing matter.
Cracked lips are no laughing matter.
Donata Pizzi/ Photographer's Choice RF/Getty Images

Lips get dry all the time; in fact, they were practically made for it. They lack the oil and sweat glands that are two of the main moisture providers and retainers in ordinary skin. Throw in some other factors such as dry winter air or a touch of dehydration and bam -- dry lips become your bane.

For many people, that's where the problem ends. Throw on some lip balm, stay out of the cold, drink more water, and dry lip woes pretty much come to a close. For others, however, these tame measures aren't enough and the situation worsens until dry lips become cracked and peeling.

So beyond the general tips available for people with dry lips, let's take a look at some of the more serious advice for those whose problems have grown a bit worse.