What should men look for in an all-in-one cleanser?

It might be time to think beyond using a regular bar of soap to wash your face. See more personal hygiene pictures.

There was a time when most men didn't give a lot of thought to washing their face. If it felt or looked dirty, you just used whatever soap happened to be nearby. There was no thought to buying a special facial cleanser. These days, however, more men are becoming interested in skin care. If you just use regular bar soap, or a standard body wash, you might not be presenting your best face.

The skin on your face is often more sensitive than the skin on your body, so soap can be irritating. Many basic body soaps can also be very drying, so if you already have dry skin, it'll only exacerbate your problem. Oily skin might end up feeling even greasier if you're using a really creamy, moisturizing soap. In addition, if you have acne-prone or sun-damaged skin, you can benefit by using something special for your face. Men have 25 percent thicker skin than women, and it's also more sensitive, so an all-in-one cleanser formulated just for them is a good idea [source: Baran].

But if you start looking at skin care lines for men, you might feel overwhelmed by the multiple products and steps required. There aren't just cleansers, but toners, exfoliating scrubs and moisturizers. You're in luck, though -- many companies now make all-in-one cleansers, which can save you both time and money. Next, check out the many different types of all-in-one products available.


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