How often should men exfoliate their bodies?

It's simple to make exfoliation part of your showering routine. See more men's health pictures.
It's simple to make exfoliation part of your showering routine. See more men's health pictures.

Our skin plays some cruel tricks on us as we age. It wrinkles, sags and generally leaves us looking older than we might feel. It doesn't seem fair. For years, ads for women's skin care products have dominated magazine pages and TV commercials, but recently men have become more conscious about their skin. A man's skin, however, is much different than a woman's, and it demands a different type of care.

One popular method of making the skin look younger and fresher is exfoliation. Think of it like woodworking -- you have an older piece of wood that needs refurbishing, so you sand off the older layer to reveal the newer one underneath. In our case, the "old" is the layer of dead skin cells and dirt that have built up on our faces. Once that's removed, through exfoliation, the younger, fresher layer of skin arrives on the scene.


Other than the face, the most important areas that a man can exfoliate are his chest and back. These regions produce more natural oils than other portions of your body. This oil gets caught in the hair and pores of your skin and can cause unsightly blemishes. That's why it's very important that you keep these areas clean.

Exfoliating your back and chest is easier than if you were just working on your face, but you need more room. Your best bet is to add an exfoliating routine to your shower time. You'll want to reach for a different coarser product to get at your back and chest, as the skin on those parts of your body is thicker.

How often must you exfoliate? At least three times a week, probably more if you think your skin can handle it. Not sure? Let your body tell you how often is OK. If you exfoliate daily and find that your skin is becoming dry, scale back a bit and see if that helps. If you exfoliate twice a week and find your skin is quickly becoming oily, you can always increase the number of sanding sessions.

Either way you can know that by taking care of your skin you are going to not only look better, but also have healthy skin for a long time to come.



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