Top 5 Body Moisturizing Tips for Men

Lock in Moisture

Whether a moisturizer is effective or not is frequently a case of user error. Often, a moisturizer doesn't work because it isn't being used correctly. Here's how to get it right.

Your first step is to choose the right moisturizer, which can be quite daunting when faced with all the options. To narrow your choices, follow this process of elimination:

  1. Shove aside those with added perfumes or alcohol.
  2. Keep those with SPF (sun protection factor) as possibilities.
  3. Look for helpful ingredients, such as urea, dimethicone, ceramides, lanolin, petroleum, glycerin and hyaluronic acid.
  4. Go with thicker options that hang onto an overturned hand.

[source: Northwestern Memorial Hospital]

Your second step is making your moisturizer work for you. If possible, apply a moisturizer three to four times daily. Apply it to your hands every time you wash them and to your body each time you step out of the shower.

When applying post-shower, towel dry lightly to the point where your skin is still damp. Then, apply your moisturizer, which will lock in your natural moisture and the water hanging out on your skin's surface. Let the moisturizer set. Pat off any excess with a towel [source: Griffin].