Top 5 Body Moisturizing Tips for Men


Give Your Hot Water Heater a Break

Hanging out in the shower doesn't just waste water and annoy your housemates, but it also contributes to dry skin. To keep your skin's protective layer intact, clock your showers at 15 minutes max. And, as tempting as hot water may be, stick to warm water.

In addition, avoid harsh abrasives, such as rough sponges. However, using a gentle exfoliating product once a week can help reveal the softer skin hiding under the dry exterior [source: Northwestern Memorial Hospital].

Along the same lines, unless you are in a particularly messy line of work, you don't have to scrub down with soap every day. Clean under your arms and in your genital areas daily, but soap up the other parts of your body two to three times weekly [source:].

When choosing your soap, opt for gentle creams or gels over bar soap. Avoid products with added antibacterial ingredients or detergents. Instead, look for added oils that will help moisturize [source: Mayo Clinic]. However, if you are a bar soap kind of guy and there is no changing you, select a moisturizing soap with those added oils, such as jojoba or olive oil [source: Jaret].