Top 5 Hand Moisturizing Tips for Men

Choose the Right Product

One walk down the aisle in your local store will clue you in that moisturizers aren't all the same. You have a lot of choices: Will it be fragrance-free, chemical-free or oil-free? And what's the best type of lotion for hands?

When it comes to buying hand moisturizers, look for thick creams made for specifically for hands instead of thin lotions intended for the whole body -- body lotion will work, just not as well. Moisturizers that contain ingredients such as oils and petrolatum (petroleum jelly) help seal water into your skin, while ingredients such as glycerin or alpha-hydroxy acids attract moisture from the air to your skin.

In addition to reading the ingredients list, don't forget a price check. Inexpensive moisturizing products often give you an equal or better result than their pricey counterparts, and they sometimes come in more economical sizes.

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