Top 5 Hand Moisturizing Tips for Men

Treat Calluses

Anyone who works with his hands or who can tear it up on the guitar knows the consequence -- calluses. Calluses are nothing more than areas of skin that have thickened due to ongoing friction, but they can be painful, and they can be hard to get rid of once they form.

While treating a callus requires more than a good moisturizer, it's an important part of the process:

  • Keep calluses covered (bandages, gloves, whatever works) to help to reduce friction
  • Soften calluses by soaking your hand(s) in warm water
  • Exfoliate thickened skin with a pumice stone
  • Slather on thick moisturizing cream to help keep calluses supple and less prone to increased thickening and pain

If a callus is painful and doesn't begin to improve even with your self-care attempts, a visit to the doctor can easily take care of the condition.

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