Why should men maintain a moisturizing regimen?

Examples of Men's Moisturizing Regimens

If you want to keep your skin moist, you'll have to create a regimen and stick to it. And while some men might cringe at the sound of "moisturizing regimen," it's really not as bad as it sounds -- and it can be as easy or demanding as you choose. For a cheap, effective moisturizer, many men simply use petroleum jelly or Vaseline for Men Extra Strength Body & Face Lotion, which is a very effective way to keep your lips and body from getting too dry. That's not exactly a regimen, but it is a good starting point [source: Esquire].

Any good moisturizing regimen should begin in the shower. To keep your skin from drying out too much, experts recommend taking short, warm (not hot) showers. While you're in there, make sure to exfoliate the skin, which means sloughing off the outermost layer of dead skin cells and opening up the pores. Proper exfoliation can help revitalize your skin, and if you wash with soap without exfoliating, the soap won't be able to reach the dirt and oil clogging your pores.

Next, you'll want to wash with moisturizing soap. When drying off, it's better to air dry or pat yourself dry with a soft towel than to rub yourself dry. After washing, but before you're completely dry, you'll want to repair damaged skin, restore oils that were lost in the shower and preserve moisture in your skin. For that, you'll need to find the type of moisturizer or cream that's right for you -- applying lotions and heavier creams to trap the moisture in before it has a chance to escape [source: Ortiz].

There isn't one particular brand or type that is right for everyone. Read on to learn about specific products that you can use in your moisturizing routine.

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