How do you get rid of shaving bumps?

OTC Treatments for Shaving Bumps

Even the best prevention methods aren't perfect. If you're prone to shaving bumps, you'll also need to know a few tricks for treating them.

There are a few at-home or readily available over-the-counter remedies that may help treat ingrown hairs when they happen.

First, look for products that contain salicylic acid as the active ingredient. These will help encourage the skin to turn over its dead skin cells. You should also consider gently exfoliating the area with a loofah, washcloth or exfoliating facial wash during your shower or bath, which will remove dead skin cells and discourage ingrown hairs. To advance healing and reduce swelling of bumps, topical hydrocortisone cream is available over the counter.

Also, invest in a pair of sharp tweezers. To help reduce the healing time, which can take three to four weeks or longer, you can tweeze the hairs lodged within those red bumps. With a clean pair of tweezers or a sterile needle (rubbing alcohol will sterilize them), grab the ingrown hair and coax it out from underneath your skin, as if you were removing a splinter. This works best when the hair is close to the top of the skin, and it's a bit easier to grab after trying exfoliating techniques and products. Be careful not to pluck the hair, however. If you do this, the next hair that grows could very well be ingrown, too.

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