How do men's body washes moisturize skin?

Moisturizing ingredients in men's body wash typically make the cleanser gentler on the skin than a bar of soap. See more personal hygiene pictures.

You may have noticed more and more personal hygiene products for men on store shelves and wonder how men's body washes moisturize the skin. For that matter, you may wonder what the difference is between bar soap and body wash. While soaps contain skin cleanser, body washes contain both cleaning agents and emollients that combine to lift dirt from the skin and lock in the body's natural moisture. Regular body wash moisturizes the skin to some degree, but those that are especially formulated to be moisturizing -- and generally labeled as such -- are essentially soap and lotion combined in one bottle.

Whether moisturizing body washes can leave your skin feeling oily depends on your skin type. Men's skin typically tends to be more oily skin than women's, which is probably why someone came up with the idea to design body wash especially for guys. Some moisturizing body washes work just fine as an all-in-one cleanser and moisturizer, but dry skin may require an additional, separate product for the job. The only way to know is to try a few different moisturizing body washes until you find the one that suits you.

Next up, we'll learn more about the ingredients in men's body wash.