5 Skin Moisture Zappers


Not Drinking Enough Water

This might seem like an obvious skin moisture zapper, but it's one that some people constantly struggle with. Even if you know that water is essential to healthy skin, you might find it difficult to get enough of the clear stuff. Some people simply don't like the taste or temperature of water, and they come up a few glasses short at the end of each day. Others make a concerted effort to drink more water, but they get caught up in a hectic schedule and forget about it until they're well into a dehydrated condition that's accompanied by headaches, dry mouth or worse.

Dry skin may be one of the first signs that a person is generally not drinking enough water. As you may know, the human body is composed of nearly 70 percent water. Our bodies need a little help maintaining proper hydration, so put this skin care tip at the top of your list: Drink eight or more 8-ounce glasses of water each day.