5 Skin Moisture Zappers



Anyone at any stage of life can have dry skin, but age is a skin moisture zapper that's just part of growing older. Around age 50, the body's thirst sensation can diminish, causing you to reduce your water intake and not get the amount that you actually need. Then, there's the fact that your body chemistry changes, readjusting hormone levels. This, in turn, can signal your skin's oil-producing glands to slow down, and your skin may not have the luster it once had [source: Aging Skin Net]. Add these factors to environmental ones like sun and wind, and it's understandable that your skin care needs will change as you age [source: Good Morning America].

You can't stop your skin from aging, but you can do a few things to slow the process.When you're caring for mature skin, experts commonly recommend oil-based products for skin cleansing and moisturizing. In fact, much of the advice proffered to people with dry skin will suit aging skin that needs a little moisture.