5 Skin Moisture Zappers


Where You Live

When the humidity or heat of your hometown affects your hair, it's pretty easy to notice. Frizzy locks or dry, split ends are visual cues that the environment is taking a toll on your appearance. But look a little closer in the mirror -- your surroundings might be damaging your complexion, too.

Dry air can be a major skin moisture zapper. Whether you live in a climate that's dry all the time, like a desert region, or one that has a particularly cold season or two each year, the air in the atmosphere can drain moisture from your skin. If you live in a place with frigid temperatures and use an electric heater to stay warm in your home or office, beware of the dry, forced air that can deplete your skin's moisture. What's more, you may be tempted to skip the sunscreen in cold climates, but the sun's ultraviolet (UV) rays can still cause damage to your skin, even in icy locales.

The bottom line -- no matter where you live -- is to maintain a consistent skin cleansing and moisturizing regimen that's appropriate for your skin type. Your skin will benefit from this constant care.