Top 10 Most Extravagant Face Creams


La Mer: Essence

Some of the most extravagant face creams are the ones that come from the humblest ingredients. La Mer: Essence is once such product. The main ingredient in this potion is dubbed Miracle Broth, and it's made from a combination of algae and kelp that grow off the coast of San Diego. Once the cream is formulated, it ferments for four months in New York City before being packaged in specially designed magnetic tubes. A three-week supply of Essence costs $2,100 [source: Geria].

That's a pretty extravagant price to pay for great skin, and even if you're willing to shell out for the product, you might not get your hands on it. Currently, Essence is available for purchase to a small group of customers chosen through invitation only [source: Geria]. However, with the economy what it is, you may be better off with the bargains La Mer's Web site offers: a combination Crème de la Mer, eye concentrate and a lifting face serum for only $630.