Top 10 Most Extravagant Face Creams


Orlane Hypnotherapy

If you want to market a luxury skin care product, your best bet is to get one of two things: impressive science or a good story. Orlane's Hypnotherapy face cream has impressive science in spades. Hypnotherapy is the last word in psychodermic skin care, a treatment that combines psychological and dermatological research to heal both the skin and the mind.

The premise behind the psychological aspect of Hypnotherapy is that when the brain experiences stress, the body suffers for it -- especially the skin. The star ingredient, Psychorepair, is derived from Arctic cranberries that infuse the skin with omega-3s that "regenerat[e] skin tissue to prevent aging" [source: Orlane]. No hypnosis is actually involved, but the presence of omega-3 fatty acids, which are famously good for the brain, are supposedly a pick-me-up for your mind and body -- like a hug and a moisturizer rolled into one. However, since 1.7 ounces will run you $490, it might be best to save this cream for a time when there's no one around to hug [source: Neiman Marcus].