5 Exotic Ingredients Found in Moisturizers

Crushed Pearl
Could crushed pearls add some luster to your skin?
Could crushed pearls add some luster to your skin?
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Pearls, the coveted, beautiful productions of shelled mollusks, are usually worn as fine jewelry. They convey simple beauty and classic elegance. Yet, as alluring as they are dangling from your earlobes or hanging in a string around your neck, they may attract more attention when added to your moisturizer.

When pearls are crushed into a powder and added to face creams, lotions and ointments, they can add an incandescence or glow to skin. In addition, studies have shown that crushed pearl may actually reduce skin discoloration and improve skin tone. Scientists believe conchiolin, a protein similar to keratin that's found in pearl powder, is responsible for these benefits [source: Inside Cosmeceuticals]. Pearl powder also contains many minerals and amino acids that potentially add to its beautifying properties. If this elegant addition is in your moisturizer, it could give your skin a beautiful sheen that rivals that of an actual pearl.