5 Exotic Ingredients Found in Moisturizers

If you want to moisturize in style, consider caviar.
If you want to moisturize in style, consider caviar.
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The edible fish eggs (also known as roe) that are a delicacy throughout the world are also showing up in moisturizers. If you want the same world-class skin care that the rich and famous receive, then moisturizers containing caviar extract are for you.

Caviar contains omega-3s, fatty acids known to be highly beneficial to a number of the body's systems -- including the skin. However, it's not believed to have a higher or more concentrated amount of omega-3s than other sources. The main draw of moisturizers containing caviar extract, however, is their luxury factor. The manufacturers of these moisturizers have taken an upscale culinary indulgence and integrated it into a rich, sumptuous skin cream. If you're looking to truly pamper your skin, what ingredient could be more extravagant than caviar?

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