Top 5 Gluten-Free Moisturizers


Gluten-Free Savonnerie Moisturizing Lotion

Gluten-Free Savonnerie's Moisturizing Lotion.
Gluten-Free Savonnerie's Moisturizing Lotion.

Who better to buy gluten-free products from than a family that leads a gluten-free lifestyle? After being diagnosed with celiac disease 2001, Christine Muir founded the Gluten-Free Savonnerie in Wildrose, N.D., with her husband Mark.

Since then, the company has launched a line of body and skin care products, including their Moisturizing Lotion. Composed of only eight ingredients, including jojoba seed and avocado oils, the moisturizer is light, but can restore some serious moisture to dry skin. The company says its product is 97.1 percent natural [source: GFSoap].

It's also surprisingly inexpensive. We found an 8-ounce bottle available online for $8.99 [source: Vegan Essentials].