Top 5 Gluten-Free Moisturizers


Dakota Free Baby Balm

Dakota Free's Baby Balm moisturizer.
Dakota Free's Baby Balm moisturizer.
Courtesy Dakota Free

The last in our list of gluten-free moisturizers is produced by a company that's also based in North Dakota. Dakota Free is a family-run company, founded and operated by the Gillund family.

The Gillunds say they tired of looking for natural body products that didn't contain pesticides, which had plagued the family's health. Instead, they decided to create their own line of skin care products, including the gluten-free Baby Balm moisturizer.

There are only six ingredients in Dakota Free's Baby Balm, five if you opt out of the version with lavender oil. The product is also free of animal-tested ingredients (although it does use beeswax, which also makes it vegetarian, not vegan), it's organic and even peanut free as well.

The balm is thicker than most moisturizers and it shouldn't come as a surprise that it heals and softens. After all, who knows chapped skin like North Dakotans?

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