Shea Lotion Basics

Using Shea Lotion

Shea butter is often used as an emollient and an anti-inflammatory in a variety of skin care products. It's uses include:

  • Relief from minor burns and wounds: Shea butter soothes damaged skin and helps prevent it from drying and flaking [source: Karité].
  • Prevention of stretch marks: Doctors recommend moisturizing the breasts, hips, stomach and thighs with shea butter three to four times a day to help prevent stretch marks during pregnancy. Keeping skin moisturized allows it to be pliant and more easily stretched [source: Robertson].
  • Conditioning hair and scalp: Shampoos and conditioners that contain shea butter are especially moisturizing for dry hair and scalps, and it can help treat dandruff [source: Goins].
  • Moisturizing skin and minimizing scars and wrinkles: While shea butter can't reverse sun damage or increase collagen production, it can make skin appear plumper and more youthful because of its intensive moisturizing properties [source: Boucehz].

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