Fix These 7 Moisturizing Mistakes


You're using the same moisturizer since high school.

Brand loyalty may not help your complexion. Several changes in your body can change the effectiveness of the moisturizer you use. Whether it's hormones, diet, age, or climate—all can affect the moisturizer you need, says Dr. Hooper. Talk with your dermatologist about any physical changes in your body, diet, or lifestyle at your yearly checkup to find out if they recommend swapping moisturizers. [Dr. Hooper]

And remember to be on the lookout for changes in smell, color, and texture in your moisturizer as that's a sign the components in it have changed and it may have expired, says Dr. Goldburt. A good rule of thumb is to replace your bottle within a year of opening it to ensure you're using moisturizer that hasn't expired. [Dr. Goldburt]