How to Keep Your Skin from Drying Out Overnight

Other Ways to Beat Dryness Overnight

Consistently using a night cream or hydrating product is essential, but there's more you can do to fight dry, flaky skin while you sleep. Here are some tips to try:

Use a humidifier. Dry indoor heat dehydrates your skin, so add some water vapor to the air in your bedroom -- especially during the winter. As an added bonus, humidifiers can also help prevent sore throats, itchy eyes and sinus problems [source: Way]. Just be sure to thwart bacteria growth by cleaning the tank and replacing the water every day. And don't let the air get too stuffy (the ideal humidity level is between 30 and 50 percent): too much humidity breeds mold and triggers allergy flare-ups [source: Mayo Clinic].

Try a silk pillowcase. Cotton absorbs moisture, so it can be drying to your skin and hair. There's no solid evidence behind the trend, but some beauty experts recommend sleeping on a silk pillowcase. There's even some speculation that switching to silk can help prevent wrinkles [source: Lavinthal]. At the very least, your bedding will feel soft and luxurious. And if you have coarse hair, you might get the added bonus of fewer frizzies.

Apply a night mask. Formulated to deliver skin-enhancing ingredients while you snooze, overnight masks can be especially effective at maintaining and replenishing moisture. Unlike the masks you wear for a quick 20-minute treatment during the day, these products tend to be relatively lightweight, so they won't stick to your hair or pillow [source: Lamont-Djite].

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