Cuticle Cream Basics

Cuticle Massage Cream

As you relax in the comfortable chairs at your local nail salon, the nail technicians gently massage your fingers and toes, perhaps making you feel calmer and less stressed out. But as they rub each cuticle, these salon employees are doing more than ensuring that they get a good tip -- they're actually moisturizing your cuticles with cuticle massage cream.

If you're the kind of person who prefers not to go to the salon, there are home cuticle solutions for you. In fact, if you moisturize your hands with hand cream often -- taking special care to massage that cream into your cuticles -- you may be able to prevent some ordinary nail problems [source: WebMD]. But if you're really looking to reinforce the cuticles, you might want to check out cuticle massage creams and other products that are specifically geared toward making your cuticles healthy. According to dermatologists, rubbing specialized cuticle cream, vitamin E or petroleum jelly into your cuticles at night can help keep them moist [source: Bruno]. To apply the cream correctly, dab it over the entire nail and cuticle, and massage it in.

And it's not just the cuticle cream that helps keep your nails healthy -- it's the massage, too. That's right -- although sometimes it seems that that everything that feels good is also bad for you, cuticle massages prove this isn't the case. By applying cuticle cream through massage, you improve the blood flow to the near-nail skin, making it less likely that your nail will peel or crack [source: Bruno].

If the benefits of nail pampering are starting to sound pretty good, keep reading to find even more reasons to give yourself a spa day.