Nail Fungus: Fast Facts

  1. If you aren't getting the right nutrition, your nails could tell on you; in particular, if you have an iron deficiency, your nail beds might become pale and white. Learn more about nutrition's role in the look of your nails.
  1. Stop biting those nails -- it can lead to infection in your fingers and mouth. Learn more about nail biting.
  1. You may be alarmed about that white spot in the middle of your nail, but if you've recently injured your nail -- say, you dropped a book on it -- it's really just the harmless result of a mild trauma. Learn more about changing nail colors and what they mean.
  1. Fungus is the most common nail infection, affecting about 12 percent of all Americans. Learn more about infections.
  1. If your nails become yellow or thick, grow slowly or even detach, it could indicate lung disease. Learn more about disease warning signs in nails.

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