5 Steps for the Perfect At-home Pedicure

Sit Back, Relax and Soak

A big part of what distinguishes a home pedicure from a salon job has to do with the luxuriant stuff. The pre-soak, for instance, which relaxes and soothes, has practical purposes, too. This crucial step softens feet to make dulling, dead skin easier to remove.

Step 1 is simple: Fill a bathtub or large bowl with several inches of warm water, insert feet and enjoy.

If you have Epsom salts, toss in a handful for an extra-soothing soak. A little bit of moisturizing body wash or bubble bath can be a nice addition, too, especially if your feet aren't totally clean.

Fifteen to 20 minutes later, take a deep breath, remove feet and towel dry. They're now softened, probably quite happy, and fully primed for the next step.