5 Things You Should Not Do Before Going to a Nail Salon

Don't Forget to Pack a Few Tools and Supplies

It's hard for nail salons to keep everything absolutely clean all the time. Tools are a good example: Even when tools are treated with a strong disinfectant or sanitized under ultraviolet lights, they can still harbor bacteria, especially if they're porous or have nooks and crannies. Most salons are good at swapping out supplies and cleaning tools as prescribed by law, but there are always exceptions.

Telltale dust on a nail buffer or pumice stone is a clear indication that the tool has been used recently -- on somebody else. If that recent customer was sporting a minor fungal infection -- say an infection minor enough to escape the notice of the technician -- well, you get the idea. To avoid worrying about who may have used a tool last, consider bringing your own tools to the salon. Here are some likely candidates for your nail tool stash. Some of these items are probably consumable articles at your salon, but you never know:

  • nail nippers
  • emery boards
  • nail buffers
  • nail brushes
  • pumice stones
  • foam toe separators

When you get your tools back home, wash them with hydrogen peroxide and store them for next time.

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