5 Tips for Perfectly Polished Nails

A little tender love and care will make your nails stand out. See more personal hygiene pictures.

Just like a flashy necklace or the right pair of earrings, if your nails look great, they can complement almost any look. But unsightly nails, on the other hand, can send the wrong impression. An error in shaping can cause your nails to chip, giving them a less than stellar appearance. Regardless of the color, an inexpert paint job can leave your nails looking like the face of the moon.

To help you get the look you want, no matter your fashion tastes, there are some tips that can help you pull off perfectly polished nails. We'll start by looking at the nail beneath the polish and then move into techniques that can help your nails look like you've just been to the spa -- even though you've done them on your own. Finally, we'll give you an integral tip that can make or break your nail masterpiece.

Let's start with keeping your nails healthy.