A Quick Primer on Cuticles

Moisturizing Nail Cuticles
You moisturize your face, hands and feet, so why not your cuticles?
You moisturize your face, hands and feet, so why not your cuticles?

Sometimes dry skin happens, no matter how diligent you are with your moisturizing and skincare regimen. Fortunately for those of us with less than perfectly hydrated hands, there's no shortage of options when it comes to moisturizing cuticles. From plain and simple to fancy-schmancy, here are some easy ways to breathe new life into your cuticles.

The first potential solution might be as close as your kitchen pantry! Simply rub warm olive oil directly into the nail bed for a green way to moisturize cuticles naturally. Cooking oil is another excellent, although less aromatic, option.

Next, avoid the unnecessary purchase of too many products by letting your eye cream double as cuticle moisturizer. Just rub a little on and reap the results. It's all just lotion, after all!

If your cuticles are looking a little overgrown, opt to exfoliate instead of cutting them. A store-bought or homemade exfoliator, coupled with a moisturizer, is very effective at sloughing away excess skin. One easy DIY exfoliator is a simple combination of oil, sugar and water mixed in a small bowl. Once you've gently scrubbed and rinsed, grab a pair of cotton cloves and slather moisturizer on your nail bed. You can even keep them on overnight if you want to achieve maximum results.

If you're out and about and you notice that your cuticles have seen better days, fish some plain old lip balm out of your purse for a quick fix. Pretty much any hydrating product will do in a pinch, like Vaseline or Aquaphor.

Of course, store-bought cuticle oils are also effective at rehabilitating wayward cuticles, if you prefer the reassurance of having a product that was designed and tested for this specific use.

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