10 Ways to Prevent and Treat Cradle Cap

Get a New Diagnosis

If none of your remedies seem to help and what you thought was cradle cap doesn't clear up, it's time for a visit to your pediatrician. According to the American Academy of Family Physicians, other skin conditions can easily be confused with seborrheic dermatitis [source: Johnson].

Different forms of eczema can affect babies, showing up as oozy bumps and dry, itchy skin. Infants may scratch their skin in their sleep, resulting in lesions and thickened skin. There are plenty of treatment options for stubborn eczema, so get thee to a doctor.

Psoriasis can also target little ones, and while it doesn't usually show up on a baby's head, it can cause what looks like a rash combined with flakes or scales. It isn't very common in infants, so you may want a dermatologist's opinion.

Still scratching your head over how to combat cradle crap? Read on for lots more information on this and other skin conditions.

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