Top 5 Ways to Treat Diaper Rash


The Dry Way or the Cry Way

Diaper rash makes for one unhappy kid and a very worried parent.

If you were attempting to cause diaper rash (thus forfeiting your coffee mug's claim that you're the "World's No. 1 Parent"), the recipe would be simple: Add moisture to one diapered baby. Moisture is your main adversary in the fight against diaper rash, but a little extra effort can greatly diminish this foe.

Moisture can enter the diaper when a freshly bathed child isn't fully dry, but more often than not, diaper rash is directly preceded by the prolonged wearing of a urine-heavy diaper.

Before putting a fresh diaper on a child, make sure the diaper area is clean. You will want to be gentle as you clean and dry your child, so as not to further damage or irritate the skin. For areas that already have diaper rash, carefully pat -- not wipe -- them dry.

First, the bad news. You're going to need to change even more diapers. You can find the good news on the next page.