Top 5 Ways to Treat Diaper Rash


Letting Baby Go "Wild Child"

No, not that birthday suit. The other one.
No, not that birthday suit. The other one.
Mimi Haddon/Lifesize/Getty Images

The next best thing to frequent diaper changes is letting your child go diaper-free. This doesn't have to be for any great length of time. It can just be for a few minutes after he or she has been bathed or had a diaper change. Too much time (or the wrong time) without a diaper will result in accidents, so let baby explore on a spread-out sheet or blanket just in case. You can also put a mattress-protecting sheet in your baby's crib, so that baby can go free as a bird for five to 10 minutes. If your child already has diaper rash, you can let him or her sleep in the buff, so long as the room is warm and cozy.

Before dressing your baby in the "birthday suit," make sure the diaper area is totally clean and dry. If your baby already has diaper rash, don't wipe the affected areas when cleaning the diaper area, but rather pat or dab at them. This will prevent further damage to the fragile skin and allow it to heal. Once the baby is totally dry, hold off on using any ointments or lotions. The idea is to let the skin enjoy optimal conditions: clean, dry and airy. With all the little chubby folds of skin on baby's legs and diaper areas, it's easy enough to miss a spot.

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