5 Ways to Prevent Wrinkles


Resist Drinking Alcohol and Smoking Cigarettes

There's a famous Greek saying: "all in good measure." When it comes to smooth skin, moderating your alcohol and cigarette consumption is more important than ever.

If you've ever awoken with the hallmark headache of a hangover, you've experienced the dehydrating effects of alcohol. This dehydration affects the skin as well, contributing to wrinkles. Alcohol also causes capillaries to leak. While you're passed out, sleeping it off, water is collecting in your soft tissue, making your face puffy and paving the way for wrinkles to form [source: Roizen].

Smoking is another cause of wrinkling. Cigarettes deplete arteries of the nitric oxide that helps make skin flexible. Repetitive muscle movements over a long period of time also cause wrinkling. Although laugh and smile lines may be unavoidable, deeply pruned lips from years of sucking on cigarettes are not [source: Roizen].