Cellulite Causes and Treatments

Cellulite Massage

Cellulite massage or endermologie, is one of a number of quick treatments aimed at temporarily hiding the appearance of cellulite. If you've ever had a deep-tissue massage, then you'll have some idea of what endermologie feels like. It does not affect connective tissue or underlying fat but may increase circulation and remove unhealthy white blood cells [source: Avram]. If the blood vessel theory or the white blood cell theory is true, massage should be an effective treatment.

During massage, a hand-held, electric machine is used to knead the skin. The tool includes rollers and sometimes light. Some massage tools use suction cups to puff up the skin.

Massage therapy is a common cellulite treatment at spas. But it is expensive and has not been proven effective, as massage only temporarily plumps the top layer of skin, thereby camouflaging the appearance of cellulite [source: Wanner].

Of course, massage isn't the only tool in the cellulite-fighting arsenal. On the next page, learn about treatments like creams, injections and liposuction.