5 Treatments for Scalp Psoriasis

Topical Medications

It makes sense that a treatment for a skin condition is one that would be put on the skin. In fact, one of the most frequently used remedies for scalp psoriasis is a topical medication known as anthralin. It's applied to the scalp, left on for a short period and then washed out.

While anthralin is widely used, it does come with some side effects, which include skin irritation and staining. To reduce such complications, you can select a formula that comes with a smaller concentration of the medication.

Other types of topical medication for scalp psoriasis include derivatives of vitamins A and D; corticosteroids; and products containing urea, lactic acid and phenol. These treatments are typically available as gels, foams or creams, and come in varying strengths.

If you'd like to try a home remedy you can apply topically, consider heated olive oil. It can soften psoriasis scales while moisturizing the scalp and hair. The key is to let the treatment remain on your scalp a few hours while your head remains covered by a towel.

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