Heat Rash Overview

Heat Rash Treatments

Most people develop heat rash in hot and humid weather when they are outside and perspiring profusely. The tiny red blisters that appear on the skin itch and burn, and clothing can irritate the area even more.

There are several treatment options available to ease the irritation. Applying calamine lotion on the affected area can help relieve itching and burning. Aloe vera gel is another good way to soothe heat rash, but keep in mind that too much of these or any other lotions or ointments can further exacerbate the rash by maintaining moisture. Try to avoid rubbing or scratching the rash as much as possible. A doctor may prescribe anhydrous lanolin in more serious cases, which stops sweat ducts from becoming blocked. The doctor might also prescribe steroids to treat the area if the heat rash is severe [source: Mayo Clinic].

It's important to note that people with severe heat rash are often also at risk for developing heat exhaustion. Symptoms of heat exhaustion include dizziness, low blood pressure, increased heart rate, nausea and headache. People with heat exhaustion should seek medical attention immediately because it can lead to a more serious condition known as heatstroke -- a potentially life-threatening illness [source: Mayo Clinic].

To help ease the discomfort of heat rash among children, let them sit in a lukewarm or cool bath. Afterward, air-dry their skin and refrain from applying creams or heavy lotions. Limit diaper use as much as possible. Dress them in loose-fitting, lightweight, light-colored, soft clothing. For infants and toddlers, it might be helpful to trim their fingernails or place mittens or socks over their hands to prevent them from scratching the affected areas [source: BabyCenter]. Keep children indoors, in a cool or air-conditioned area until the heat rash heals. Be sure to monitor the rash closely for any signs of infection. If signs of infection do occur, such as fever or inflammation, contact a physician immediately.

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