Psoriasis Overview

Is There a Psoriasis Cure?

There's no cure for psoriasis and it's unknown what causes the disease, but doctors and scientists continue to search for answers in hopes of developing a cure. A promising study by the University of Bonn in Germany recently found that a certain group of enzyme inhibitors, known as metalloproteinase inhibitors, can normalize the overactive skin cells in psoriasis patients and help them maintain healthy levels of cell division [source: Science Daily]. But more testing is needed before the treatment can be approved for medical use.

There are several organizations also working to find a psoriasis cure. The non-profit patient advocacy group Psoriasis Cure Now is at the forefront of this effort. Its members raise money for psoriasis research, educate lawmakers about the disease and organize psoriasis walks to raise awareness and money. [source: Psoriasis Cure Now].

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